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contains 70% Isopropyl Alcohol soaked on cotton swab better quality & more wet commpared to other brands Uses : cleaning wounds sterilizing / cleaning injection areas cleaning newborn baby's belly button individually wrapped contains 100 pieces..
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Help reduce blood cholesterol level effectively.Provides the highest amount of 20% beta-glucan per servingThe amount of oat beta-glucan (soluble fiber) recommended for cholesterol lowering effect is 3 g/day.Oat BG22TMis made from premium Swedish oat bran powder high in developed in a proprietary way..
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aluminium free deodorantalcohol free & fragrence free deodorantgets rid of body, foot and underarm odor effectively.stainless, colorless and non-oily.Works on open wounds, acne, eczema and other skin irritations caused by bactria and/or toxins...
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For the treatment of iron deficiency anemia (kurang darah ) and concomitant folic acid deficiency.To increase blood count during pregnancy..
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NH Colla Plus Advance combines Marine Collagen, Grape Seed Extract with 95% oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) and vitamin C in a single 50ml bottle, providing you with a fuss-free solution to glorious skin. With this revolutionary three-in-one skin formulation to strengthen your skins foundation f..
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✅ Personalized inflation level, no pain and discomfort✅ Quick deflation release valve for Speedy measurement✅ Fully automatic✅ Clear & large LCD display for easy reading❌ Adapter NOT included ❌ *️⃣ Product Features*️⃣ Body Movement DetectionPrompts user to retake measurement when an error i..
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FRAGRANCE-FREE ALCOHOL - FREE SAFE FOR BABIES & ADULTSMade of soft and thick cottony material- Gently and effectively cleans your baby’s delicate skinFragrance Free- Gentle on skin even for sensitive skinAlcohol Free & Paraben Free- Does not irritate your baby’s delicate skinHypoallergenic &..
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Pureen Liquid Cleanser has been carefully formulated with plant based surfactants which are SAFE for cleaning baby accessories (eg. feeding bottles, teats, pacifiers, toys) as well as fruits and vegetables.This mild and gentle formulation is effective in removing milk fats and stains...
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VERYGOOD (the product) is a nutrient-dense healthy drink made from over 20 types of high-fibre natural grains and barley grass. With prebiotics (FOS), it helps to aid in relieving gastrointestinal tract problems, elimination of toxins and rejuvenating body’s immune system. This product is enriched w..
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